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Rebuilt vs Remanufactured Calipers


Our calipers are totaly remanufactured to original O.E. Specification or better.


We use new parts or reuse only those parts that pass our strict QA program.  We will not let it go, it has to be as good as or better than O.E.


We examine the failure reason for a design and determine if there is a way to improve or eliminate it, these can be because of design flaws from the O.E. or conditions outside thier control.  We follow a standard process to ensue if we can make it better we do.


Don't leave this to chance, choose only remanufactured calipers.  You get what you pay for and that is no clearer in calipers than anywhere else.  Repeated failures due to a lack of attention to critical internal components can cause undue down time for critical equipment.  We test the caliper through the process to ensue each component is up to spec.


We have seen of rebuilt calipers come to us and not pass our initial inspections.


We follow a process, it makes our product as good as and usually better than O.E.


Our Quality Assuarnce Program delivers the highest performance and value in remanufactured calipers. Using our patented techniques and tools that are specifically designed for remanufacturing. We ensure our calipers will meet or exceed OE specifications.  Our quality control inspections occur at various points along the remanufacturing process, our engineering team continually updates our internal procedures and process to meet industry advancements and changes to product design.  We strive to fulfill your expectations from what you don’t see, to allowing for your specific needs in finish.  We believe our people make us the best, we also believe our people make your remanufactured caliper the best. 


We deliver more stops!



Initial Inspections


Inspect, Identify and Tag each unit by the technician, we know what issues to look for.

The technician will disassemble the unit, stripping it to the core, inspecting the unit through the process.  Each component is inspected during the removal process where applicable, and verified it meets OE specifications before it is processed for reuse. We have specially design tools to ensure the proper removal of all internal components without stresses outside the design criteria.


Cores, brackets and parts are processed for finishing and reassembly. After the oxidation processing procedure is completed, cores and brackets are sent into oxidation removal processing where we use multiple specific fine media to ensure threads and machined surfaces are not damaged.


Secondary Inspections


All casting bores, threads, seal and machined surfaces are inspected, tolerances are verified for all mating surfaces, tapping, reengineering, machining or polishing to insure free movement as required, to meet O.E. specifications or better before the calipers are sent into assembly.


Your choice of Rust Inhibitors


We deliver more choices for your finishing;

• phosphate rust inhibitor

• phosphate plus any color paint (available, call for details)

• select colors of powder coatings (available, call for details)


Component Inspections


Our Visual BOM lists and pictures all components required to completely remanufacture your caliper using reclaimed or new OE components.  All components are inspected to meet OE specifications, any parts not meeting OE specifications are replaced with new components meeting or exceeding OE specification.  We always use 100% new boots, tappets, bushings, caliper guides and seals.


The remanufacturing technician will re-assemble your caliper, ensuring proper lubrication with only the best OE approved lubricants.  The technician will verify the caliper operates freely by exercising internal components and slides thoroughly.  We verify the caliper operates as specified.


Quality Assurance Program


Our technician mounts installs force gauges, ensuring the force applied meets all OE specifications.  The float or sliding test ensures OE specifications are met during the application and release of force.  Additional testing verifies the adjusters meet OE specifications.  After final QA the caliper is stamped for identification.




All calipers are boxed and labeled carrying a part number, UPC barcode, production date, control data and inspector.



Please contact us at 978-977-4994 for all your air brake caliper needs!

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